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MagicPost..::..Tipo Property

Gets or sets the post type (tipo in italian).

Namespace:  MagicCMS.Core
Assembly:  MagicCMS.4.5 (in MagicCMS.4.5.dll)


public int Tipo { get; set; }

Field Value

The post type.


"Tipo" is the key property of MagicPost. It connects every post to MagicPost type definition table where you can:
  • Define if post is a container (can be parent of other posts).
  • Specify which fields are exposed (the editor can set values) an which are hidden in back end.
  • Specify which labels are shown for every field in back end.
  • Define if post has an expiration.
  • If post can be rendered as an html page, specify which page template (a MasterPage) will be used to render it.
  • Specify a (HTML formatted) help text which editor can consult.