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MagicCMS.Core Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AjaxJsonResponse
Class AjaxJsonResponse. Object return by MagicCMS Ajax requests.
Public class ClauseValue
Where clause value. Clause value of a query clause
Public class CMS_Config
Class CMS_Config. Wrapper class for MagicCMS application configuration setting.
Public class ControlExtensions
Public class MagicCMSConfiguration
Wrap Class for MagicCMSConfiguration Configuration Section in Web.config
Public class MagicCmsSelect2
Class MagicCmsSelect2. Object used to populate select2 lists.
Public class MagicGmap3Marker
Class MagicGmap3Marker. Used tu simplify handling of MagicPost with [MagicCMS.MagicPost.Tipo] = [MagicCMS.MagicPostTypeInfo.Geolocazione]
Public class MagicGmap3MarkerOptions
Class MagicGmap3MarkerOptions.
Public class MagicKeyword
Class MagicKeyword. Wrapper class for storing and indexing [MagicCMS.MagicPost.Tags] assigned to a MagicPost.
Public class MagicKeywordCollection
Class MagicKeywordCollection.
Public class MagicLanguage
Class MagicLanguage.
Public class MagicLanguageCollection
Class MagicLanguageCollection.
Public class MagicLog
Class MagicLog. The MagicCMS log table register every write action and every error that happens in a MagicCMS application.
Public class MagicLogCollection
Class MagicLogCollection.
Public class MagicOrdinamento
Order clauses for MagicPosts recotd sets
Public class MagicPost
Wrapper class for MagicPost the MagicCMS main object.
Public class MagicPostCollection
Public class MagicPostHTML_Encoded
Wrapper of MagicPost class. Returns HTML encoded version of MagicPost HTML properties
Public class MagicPostTypeInfo
MagicPostTypeInfo is a wrapper class for MagicPost Tipo definition. It manages MagicPost types definitions stored in MagicCMS database.
"Tipo" is the key property of MagicPost. Trough MagicPost type definition table where you can:
  • Define if post is a container (can be parent of other posts).
  • Specify which fields are exposed (the editor can set values) an which are hidden in back end.
  • Specify which labels are shown for every MagicPost field in back end.
  • Define if post has an expiration.
  • If post can be rendered as an html page, specify which page template (a ASP.NET MasterPage) will be used to render it.
  • Specify an (HTML formatted) help text which editor can consult.
The first purpose of MagicPost definition is to build a back end tailored on final user needs. The second is to allow the construction of MagicCMS templates based on MasterPages writing the smallest possible number of lines of code.
MagicPostTypeInfo class define a number of integer constants corresponding to unique IDs of MagicPost type definition inserted by default in database types table. In this way developers can exploit the advantages of editor code completion and enjoy a more friendly approach to MagicPost types.
Generally you can freely define, rename and add new MagicPost type definitions. The MagicCMS back end offers to you a friendly interface to do this. However few types are handled by MagicCMS engine in some special way. See MagicPostTypeInfo Fields documentation for details.
Public class MagicPostTypeInfoCollection
Public class MagicPrerogativa
Class MagicPrerogativa.
Public class MagicSession
Class MagicSession. Hamdles typed session variables.
Public class MagicTransDictionary
Class MagicTransDictionary.
Public class MagicTransDictionaryCollection
Class MagicTransDictionaryCollection.
Public class MagicTranslation
Class MagicTranslation.
Public class MagicTranslationCollection
Public class MagicUser
Public class MagicUserCollection
Class MagicUserCollection.
Public class MagicUtils
Class MagicUtils.
Public class MagicVoto
Class MagicVoto.
Public class MenuIcon
Public class MenuInfo
Class MenuInfo.
Public class MenuInfoCollection
Class MenuInfoCollection. Represents a collection of menu items (a main menu or a sub menu).
Public class Miniatura
Class Miniatura. Wrapper class for MagicCMS image miniatures management.
Public class MiniaturaInfo
Class MiniaturaInfo. Extract basic informations by Miniatura
Public class WhereClause
Where clause class. Create and handle not injectable sql queries .
Public class WhereClauseCollection
Class WhereClauseCollection. Group of clause that construct a not injectable SQL query


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ClauseValueType
Where clause value types. Clause value type of a query clause.
Public enumeration LogAction
Enum LogAction. Define action logged in MagicLog
Public enumeration MagicPostTypeInfoOrder
Public enumeration MagicPostWhichUrl
Enum MagicPostWhichUrl
Public enumeration MagicSearchActive
Public enumeration MagicTagContainer
Public enumeration MbUserLoginResult
Enumeration: User login states
Public enumeration MenuIconType
Enum MenuIconType